Atomick Clock

7art Cheerful Clock ScreenSaver 1.2

7art Cheerful Clock ScreenSaver 1.2: Get 14 cheerful Clock at your desktop in one single clock screensaver ! Get 14 cheerful Clock in one single clock screensaver: Atumn Clock, Be Here Now Clock, Mechanical Clock, Lucid Dreaming Clock, Neon Clock, Orange Clock, Picasso Clock, Pifagor Clock, Pizza Clock, Radioactive Clock, Spring Clock, Summer Clock, Surprise Clock, Winter Clock. Clock manager is included with the bundle.

Atomic Clock 1.5: Synchronizes your computer’s internal clock to the atomic time.
Atomic Clock 1.5

Atomic Clock - is a simple Windows Gadget that connect to atomic clock servers compare your local time with the current atomic time and shows difference between local computer time and actual time. You can also correct your PC`s local time manually using Window Time/Date applet. Color changeable for all gadget`s elements, including background.

synchronization, time, atomick clock

Premium Clock Full 2.60: Jazz up your desktop with this premium suite!
Premium Clock Full 2.60

Clock, you`ll know exactly what time it is. Analog clock, digital clock and calendar can stay always on top or disappear when you move the mouse cursor over it. It allows you to set up alarms with messages, WAV files, run files and documents. Premium Clock replaces the regular Windows system clock with custom format of your choosing. Upgrade the Windows system tray clock. Premium Clock will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time

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Screen Clock 3.0: Computer clock - is analog clock application for windows desktop.
Screen Clock 3.0

Clock is a beautiful analog clock for your desktop. Choose from a variant variety of clock face, all of variants high quality and attractive. Screen Clock is a free cool looking desktop clock that displays the current time in the way of analog clock faces. This clock easy to install, user friendly settings panel, changeable size of the clock, free version updates. Computer analog clock for an ornament of a desktop and increase of convenience of your

windows desktop clock, computer clock, desktop clock, screen clock, pc clock

ClockDummy! 2.1: Show seconds on Windows taskbar clock, synchronize time, speak the time
ClockDummy! 2.1

ClockDummy brings your system tray clock into the future by displaying the seconds, month, date, and custom graphics with a simple and easy install. ClockDummy! lets you select from a range of predefined styles for how your taskbar clock should look, or select your own graphics and fonts to use. ClockDummy is also an atomic clock, which can say the time with a real human voice. ClockDummy keeps your clock updated to the exact second via an atomic

taskbar clock seconds, clock, atomic clock

Clock Screen Saver 1.70: Clock Screen Saver - popular screen saver that displays the current time
Clock Screen Saver 1.70

clock. Program has 3 clock modes: analog clock, digital clock and text-digital clock. You can customize every clock mode as you like. For example, you can set different colors for every digit or clock hand, choose the time format and select to change clock position randomly. Clock Screen Saver also enables you to add cool glow and afterglow effects to make you clock more stylish. Moreover, program can play real clock-striking sounds every hour, minute

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Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1: Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1 is a employee time clock manager
Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1

Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1An employee time clock and a management tool. Its allows user to clock in/clock out. It works with touch screen monitors. Also has reports to show clocked in and clock out times. The application has integrated security Time Clock Software Note: If you have one employee taking an extra 10 mintues for lunch a day, this software can pay for itself quickly

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